If someone had told me six months ago a virus could shut the whole world down, I’d never have believed it. That’s the stuff of bad sci-fi movies, I’d have said. Even a month ago, when some people in my inner circle started fretting about school and business closures across New Zealand, I scoffed. Having worked in crisis comms, I know full well the worst can – and does – happen, but I tend to err on the side of positivity. I might plan for the worst, but I refuse to lose hope for the best until I have to.

Now the very thing I thought would never happen has. COVID-19 has changed the world for all of us and we’re living in that bad sci-fi movie. People and businesses are suffering and here at Frolic PR we’re no exception. Like many others, we’ve lost work, income and the opportunity for face-to-face client contact. We’re struggling through the days with our children, watching lightning storms at midnight when we hit the wall and can’t sleep, crossing off each day on the calendar with a sigh of relief and hoping the lockdown, however long it lasts, will go fast.

We’re also determined to stay positive. The silver lining in this crisis is that there’s lots of time for planning, and we’re taking that chance to figure out what Frolic PR will look like post-lockdown. We’re catching up on reading and writing, upskilling and taking on new challenges, and ticking off all those house-and-garden tasks we don’t get to in ‘normal’ times, so we’ll have a lighter load once this lockdown ends. There will be a post-lockdown for us. That we can promise. In the meantime, we hope you’re all doing as well out there as can be expected.