Like most event organisers, all of us at Frolic PR were disappointed to hear this afternoon’s announcement that indoor events with over 100 people are now banned until further notice. It’s a bitter blow, even if we did know it was coming. 

Frolic PR is a fledgling company so this situation will hit us hard. We were just getting out of the starting blocks but the future was looking bright. We know there are many other businesses doing it tough, and we’re thinking of all of you. We will continue to support you as much as we can. We’ll still visit your cafes, shop in your stores and use your services (unless the government forbids us from doing so).

Coronavirus presents a challenge for us. Our women’s conference, Inspiring Women 2020, is likely to be postponed and other projects we were looking forward to getting stuck into have fallen over before they even got up.

But we will survive this. We’re thinking outside the square and we’re considering ourselves lucky because a lot of what we do – writing, for example – has always been something of a solitary game anyway. We’re lucky we have skills to fall back on that allow us to continue to work even if we have to self-isolate.

We love what we do and we’re going to continue to do it, whatever it takes. Coronavirus is not going to keep us down.