One of the things I’ve realised in the year or so since founding Frolic PR is how much I want to support the community the company is a part of. 

I’ve lived in Whakatane 10 years and, while I wondered what I’d got myself in for that first year, I can’t imagine living anywhere else now. The Eastern Bay community has been good to me on a personal and business level. Establishing myself in business has been a lot of work but it’s also been an incredibly rewarding journey because the community response has been positive. 

That’s why I – and the rest of the Frolic PR team – want to give back. We do that by providing pro bono communications service to community organisations such as The E Network Trust and community events such as 2018’s Whakatane Brick Show. We’ve also done our bit to bring Eastern Bay women together to celebrate each other and share stories and ideas; events such as Inspiring Women, which we held for the first time this year, spark creativity that we hope will benefit our region. Good things happen when good people get together. 

Staying connected to our community is important to us. That’s why one of our goals this year is to continue to help local people when we can. We get that community groups, clubs and events sometimes need a little sponsorship support, and we’re always happy to consider requests. If your project or group needs a hand, however big or small, please feel free to reach out. 

We have great relationships with many local businesses. But there’s always room for more in the Frolic family, and we’re open to opportunities to partner and collaborate with others. If you think we could work together, drop us a line and let’s chat. 

Supporting local people isn’t a passing fad for us. It’s part of who we are, and giving back is at the heart of our day-to-day business. We’re part of the Eastern Bay, and the Eastern Bay is part of us. And that’s how we want it to stay.